Latha Rajinikanth's Exclusive interview

For every fan of Rajinikanth, the Superstar is Thalaivar and, obviously, his better half, Latha, is adored and admired as Thalaivi.

For the first time, in an exclusive interview, Latha opens up to DCabout her wards, academic pursuits, spiritual inclination, private life and above all – The Man Called Rajinikanth.


On being the wife of Superstar, your private life is always under public scrutiny. How do you feel?<?b>
It is not easy! It's like living in a glass house. We are denied the opportunity of being normal citizens. I think being in the public eye is not an easy feeling for anybody.

Has the stardom of your hubby had an impact on your life?
It does have a lot of impact. It's already a raised bar! Of course, he doesn't give me the feeling of a superstar at home (laughs). We complement our work and support each other.

When the world sees Rajinikanth as super human being, you see him as a human being. How do you manage both sides?
We are thankful and feel blessed that the world sees him with such esteem and high regard. But when I see him as a person, the real side is just as good, just as important, just as humble as what people see. So, there are no two sides.

He would have been busy with his career all through. How was it bringing up two kids?
It is like you have to be father and mother at the same time. Whenever he was around, he did his best as a father, spending quality time with the family and sometimes taking us out on holidays.

Both daughters, Aishwarya and Soundarya, have branched out on their own in films. Comment.
I think the girls must have gone through what they wanted to be in this field and chose their career. They are naturally good at it. Aishwarya is a very good writer, speaker and sings and dances well. Soundarya is a very good artist.

How did you develop interest in turning academician, venturing into social service, et al, amidst your busy life?
It is part of a personality, I guess. You grew up with an inbuilt structure and by the grace of god, it comes out at some point of time.

Your thoughts on Rajinikanth's inclination towards spiritualism.
Both of us are spiritually-inclined. Both of us are in bhakti margam. He is also in gnana margam.

Why did you not pursue your playback singing career?
Till three years back, I was releasing albums. Soon, I am coming out with the album Edhuvarayo which talks about every aspect of life. I write all my lyrics.

Do you think your husband is made for politics?
I can't speak for him, but I can say that he is made for doing a lot of good. Coming to politics is absolutely his call. But whatever he takes up, he is very committed to it.
On this issue, I would like to hear from him. I will never force him into anything. For me, his personal happiness, personal feeling are important. As he says, if he gets a call, he will do it.

Your emotional quotient when Rajini sir's health took a sabbatical.
For me, it was six months of prayer and meditation. It was people's love, prayers of great gurus, prayer for one person and unbelievable devotion that stood by him. We decided to go out of the country only for our privacy.

Recently, many celebrities spoke about what Rajini should do in future. What's your take on that?
He must enjoy his life. Whatever he wants to do, he should do it now. I want him to be in touch with himself. Demands have always been made on him whether in acting or leadership. It is high time he felt free to do what he wants to do. That's what I wish for him.


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