‘Mazhaikalam’ Climax for 20 minutes without dialogues

The climax of a film titled ‘Mazhaikalam’ lasts 20 minutes without any dialogues. Yesudasan and Rajan have produced the film, directed by S. Deepan, under the banner of R.S. Screen.

Sriram and Saranya Nag play the lead roles. Speaking about the film, Deepan said the film is based on a true-life incident that took place at the Chennai School of Arts. A former principal of the school gave the information about the incident. The material required for writing the screenplay was gathered from the articles he has written. The film itself has been shot on the school campus with its students acting in it. A salient feature of the film is that the 20-minute climax scene has no dialogues. It has only background music.

Deepan said they wanted to have maestro Ilayaraja to do background score but busy as he was he could not give them call-sheets. Hence, they had approached renowned Malayalam music director Johnson Master. He had taken one week to compose the background music. Sadly he passed away a few days after finishing this assignment, Deepan said.

(Johnson won the National Film award for best background score for the films ‘Ponthan Mada’ (1994) and ‘Sukrutham’ (1995). He was the first Malayalee music composer to receive an award in the music category. He died at the age of 58).


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