New face in Director Arivazhagan's ‘Vallinam’

After dropping actress Bindu Madhavi from his forthcoming film ‘Vallinam’, director Arivazagan had looking for a suitable replacement and within a few days found a new face.

Mridula, a 19-year-old debutante, has now been cast as the heroine to pair with Nakul who plays the lead character.

Arivazhagan had first cast Bindu Madhavi as the female lead, but after a couple of days into shooting, the unit found her unsuitable for the role and she had to be dropped.

Teenager Mridula, who replaces Bindu Madhavi, belongs to Kumbakonam and can speak Tamil. She has been learning Bharatanatyam from the age of three.

The unit has found her ‘quite expressive’ on the sets, says Arivazhagan.
It is expected that the first look of the film will be revealed in a month.


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