Nitin Sathya is back with solid role

Nitin Sathya may have acted only in a few films, but the young actor is careful about choosing roles that have the potential of establishing him as an actor of substance.
The actor is back in the fold with a solid role in Mayanginen Thayanginen. "I got quite a few offers after Palaivana Cholai and Mutthirai.

They were unimpressive. When director Vendhan approached me with Manyanginen…, I felt that it was the right script for my comeback", Sathya opens up. He plays a call taxi driver in the movie who uncovers a hidden truth as the story unfolds.
"The main reason why I accepted this script is because it is based on a true life incident, just like my earlier film
Sattam Podadhey! It talks about the sexual abuse of mentally ill female patients in some of the special homes run by private people. The director and I visited a few homes for the mentally challenged and I was shocked with the revelations".

The actor has voluntarily chosen the name 'Muthukumar' for his character, which he says is a tribute to the late Muthukumar who self-immolated for the Sri Lankan Tamil cause.

The 15-minute climax will be talked about, he claims. Disha Pandey of Tamil Padam fame plays his love interest. The actor has also signed two other films including a movie titled 143 to be directed by Rangarajan.


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