Samaran to kick-start this month

For some reasons, no producer/director has so far attempted to bring together the pairing of Vishal-Trisha in any film so far. Though Vishal and Trisha are thick off-screen buddies, their pairing has never been attempted by any film-maker.
Vishal has had his fair share of successes and is among the frontline heroes while Trisha, who is in the twilight of her career, could ill-afford to neglect a film offer opposite him as and when it was made to her.

At a press-meet held in Chennai a few months back, a scribe asked Vishal as to whom did he 'desperately' want to pair up; pat came the answer from Vishal that it was 'Trisha'. Even after this news item appeared in the press, Trisha appeared to be not in a hurry to allot dates for Samaran, which brings them together on-screen for the first time.

Even as the shooting was about to commence on a particular day, Trisha didn't make it to the shooting spot and instead went to Hyderabad to take part in a Telugu film's shooting. Thanks to his friendship with her, Vishal didn't mind it and went ahead with the filming of some action sequences. The film is produced by the same producer who produced the recent Simbu-starrer Osthe which didn't fare at the box-office on expected lines.

The producer, though, has the habit of paying up the artistes in time. Vishal, aware of his reputation and the losses suffered by the producer with his lastest venture, volunteered to reduce his fee for Samaran by Re.1 crore. In the meantime, some sections of the press reported that the film would be dropped for want of the heroine's call-sheets.

However, it has officially been announced that the first schedule of the film's shoot is to commence on 20th January in Thailand and that the second schedule would be shot in Tamil Nadu. Sunaina plays the second heroine in the film and it would also be the first time that she would be sharing on-screen space with Trisha and Vishal.


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