Sameera Reddy wants to reach Simran - Jothika's place

Sameera Reddy wants to win in cinema without donning glamour roles. While speaking to the media, she said, "The Hindi film Tej in which I have acted is to be released during the month of April.
I have shared the screen with Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgan in this film.

I have also acted in the action sequences in this film. I simultaneously acted in this Hindi film and Vettai. It was different kind of experience for me because the earlier day I would have acted wearing modern dress and the next day I had to wear half sari for the Tamil film Vettai. I always prefer to act in South Indian language films than in Hindi films.

I have acted in Tamil and Telugu films. I have not acted in Kannada films. Now I am listening to stories. I am interested to act in the roles that have scope for acting. Jyothika and Simran are still remembered because of their acting. So I also want to become like them. "


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