Tamannaah to perform a ritual seeking pardon

Last month, actress Tamannaah was in the news for all the wrong reasons. The actress, who possesses a perfect 'hour-glass figure' most actresses would love to have, was shooting for her upcoming Telugu film Rachcha with co-star Ram Charan Teja at the holy town of Tirupathi.
A member of a crew reportedly told Tamannaah that it would be 'very wrong' to return from Tirupathi without having darshan of Lord Venkateswara.

Tamannaah and Ram Charan then visited the Temple and stood at the VIP entrance for a quick 'darshan'. Even as Tamannaah was standing in the queue, many of her fans and the members of the public who thronged the temple's main entrance objected to the actress turning up in a pair of jeans to visit the Lord's abode.

Tamannaah entered the temple and was out after some time. As she exited, there was some commotion as the fans tried to catch a glimpse of her while many devotees raised their voices against the actress visiting the holy shrine clad in a pair of jeans. When some scribes who were waiting outside tried to get Tamannaah's opinion about the objections, she didn't wait for them and hurried towards her waiting car.

After consulting her family astrologer and her family friends, Tamannaahs is said to be trying to perform a ritual seeking pardon from the Lord for having visited His sanctum sanctorum while clad in a pair of jeans. Though nothing official has yet been released to the press, those close to the actress say that she would soon be performing a ritual seeking pardon from the Almighty for her act committed out of ignorance.


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