Trisha rebukes rumors on her friendship with Rana

For the actress of Trisha's caliber, buzz or gossip would be like a joke or an entertainment. Recently she had been to Goa for celebrating the New Year.
She was found around the Telugu star Rana and the webbing of stories have commenced. Media took this move as the butter for the ghee.

But Trisha is not at all disturbed and said she is least bothered about such buzz. She clarified that she has been friendly with Rana for more than a decade and she knows that he is a married man to a gentle family. Trisha made it clear that even the Bollywood glam Bipasa Basu too was at the party. In addition the ensuing Telugu project from Selvaraghavan has this pair in the lead.

She told that no buzz can make her sleepless because she is conscious of what she is doing. Trisha further said for her marriage is an important event in her life. She would take a right decision on marriage at the right time. Right now, she added, her concentration is solely on the movies and nothing else.


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