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Uma Riyaz Khan, who delivered a stunning performance as a pregnant police officer in the recently released hit film 'Mouna Guru' is on Cloud Nine that she is now been asked by director Bala to do a crucial role in the upcoming film 'Eriyum Thanal'!

"Yes, I was asked by director Bala to come to his office and he asked whether I could do the role of the mother of the hero in 'Eriyum Thanal'. But, I always had this policy that I would never act as mother or any other senior roles.

But, just for Bala sir I accepted the role he offered as I did not want to miss his film again. Uma had missed the opportunity of acting in Bala film 'Pithamagan' in the character that Sangeetha did.

Bala's 'Eriyum Thanal' has Atharva and Vedhika in the lead roles and Uma Riyaz doing the role of Atharva's mother. The film is an adaptation of a Malayalam novel in the same name written by Nanjilnadan. G V Prakash Kumar scores music for the film.


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