Vadivelu appears before Court

Comedian Vadivelu appeared before the Magistrate court in the district of Dindigul in a case registered against him for his breach of code of conduct in the election campaign that he did during the last assembly elections supporting the DMK party.

The actor deposed in front of the Magistrate in the court to state his versions in the case.

It was very bad year that is gone. Vadivelu's campaign for the DMK party in the last assembly elections and the change in the Government brought a big change in his career too. The support to the DMK party affected his colourful film career and overnight the actor became an unwanted man in the industry and no one was there to take him for their film. The last film of his was 'Mambattiyan' as it started before the election.

The actor is now passing time at home in Chennai and Madurai. There are reports that the comedian is all set to feature in a new film that he is doing the protagonist in the film!


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