Vadivelu says I will come back soon

Vandu Murugan, Kaippulla, Alert Arumugam, Bannerjee, Sangi Mongey – these are some of the names that the comedian Vadivelu adopted for his character in his movies.
Vaigai Puyal, as he is usually named, is currently on the rough stride of his career. Since last May, he has been on the dark due to the state political changes.

Ever since the election results disproved his campaign for the local party, he went into the safe exile. However, nothing harmful happened to him except that he has no new offers in the industry. For this one full year, he had just Mambattiyan to his account. Recently he expressed the hope that he would make a come back soon. Vadivelu said he has got a movie in which he is to be the hero.

Moreover, he is on the search for good scripts and producers, he added. Vadivelu disclaimed the buzz that he has been approached for Simbu Devan's Maareesan. He said even now he enjoys the privilege as the top most humorist and his fans are eager to receive him.


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