Vettai Movie Review, Rating 3/5

Cast: Madhavan, Arya, Sameera reddy, Amala Paul
Direction: Lingusamy
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Review:Vettai is no classic, but it is good fun

Lingusamy is one director who has the commercial formula down pat. And his latest, UTV's Vettai, is certainly among the most appealing mainstream fare he has produced so far.

The story is simple. Two brothers, Thirumurthy (played by R Madhavan) and Guru (played by Arya) are thick as thieves. Only, Thirumurthy is pretty much a wimp and needs his younger brother to fight all his battles, from quarrelling during a kite-flying expedition during childhood right up to adulthood.

Guru cajoles his brother into accepting a police post after their father's death and Thirumurthy, after much pleading, accepts the post along with the transfer originally assigned to his father.

And this is where the problem starts. Thirumurthy, who quakes with fear even if someone sneezes, find himself caught in the toils of the local bigwig (introducing Ashutosh Rana), who, of course, controls the area with his violent ways. Thirumurthy gets tangled up right away, and from then on, the story is a classic mixture of comedy and action, clearly taking plenty of leaves out of the K Bhagyaraj movie, Avasara Police 100.

Wimpy cop and courageous brother both run riot, leaving you in fits of laughter and touching you with great sibling sentiment. In the midst of all this are firebrand Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) and her sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul), who have no great role to play except pretty up the proceedings.

The first half, peppered with dialogues and humour, moves at a fantastic speed, making you wait on tenterhooks for the rest. The second half has its moments but is considerably slower. Mindless masala takes over soon, leading to the completely predictable bash-fest.

Madhavan and Arya have a ball playing brothers. The two are perfectly in sync, playing off against each other. You have to give Madhavan credit for taking up the role of a wimpy policeman who shakes in his shoes, even as he lets Arya play the hero, walking, talking and even fighting in style. The two hit it off perfectly; the only reason you can stomach some silliness in the screenplay is because of their comic timing.

Sameera Reddy is dashing, as always. Unfortunately, just when you think she is going to have something to do, her role dwindles into nothing. Amala Paul struts, pouts and hams to the hilt. Her role is shorter; so are her outfits.

Ashutosh Rana looks far more dignified than a rowdy should, and is as clueless as they come, letting both himself and his henchmen get beaten up.

Brinda Sarathy's dialogues strike the mark when it comes to comedy and make you squirm a bit when it comes to verbal punches.

Nirav Shah's camera work has little to do in an action entertainer like this. The look of the film is clean, neat, and focuses completely on the actors. Anthony's editing works, except for the last half hour, which could have done with some trimming.
Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs, sadly, do not hit the bull's-eye here, despite his past track record with the director.

Lingusamy's strength lies in packaging actors who play to their strengths, and mixing comedy and action into commercial fare. Logic obviously goes for a toss many times, but there is plenty of entertainment.

This diary of a wimpy policeman may not be a classic, but is fun nevertheless.

Review 2

Vettai though does not promise to be a blockbuster, it is a clean entertainer. I’d put this film in the comedy genre as opposed to the action genre, as it is projected. The lighter moments in the movie were really interesting and appeals to all sections of audiences. For instance, the initial interactions between Sameera Reddy and Arya; Madhavan’s reactions to Nasser’s praises; initial interactions between Amala Paul and Arya; reactions of Amala Paul’s prospective groom from the US; and Paatti’s quips about Arya were really funny.

Arya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul give a very creditable performance well within the scope provided to them. Nasser and Thambi Ramaiah in their cameos add a lot of value and I felt that they should have been used more.

Villains Ashuthosh Rana as Annachi, Muthukumar as Mari and Sreejith Ravi as Suruli – all of them look fearsome but beyond that they don’t do anything worthy of their looks and they become caricatures as the movie progresses. I am certainly not sure why someone like Ashuthosh Rana was wasted in the role of Annachi. Remember Atul Kulkarni in ‘Run’ and Lal in ‘Sanda Kozhi’, we don’t have that presence here in Vettai.

To give you the story, Madhavan is a coward and lands up in the job of a police officer by chance and Arya, his younger brother is a ruffian. Arya does most of what Madhavan’s job demands and Maddy gets all the credits. This gets known to the bad guys and they almost beat Maddy to death. The rest of the movie is about how Maddy overcomes his fear and settles scores with the bad guys. During this period, Madhavan gets married to Sameera and Arya gets married to Amala and both the ladies certainly deserved better looks in the movie.

I am not sure about the guest roles done by Raju Sundaram and Lingusamy in this movie and the need for it. Choreography of songs was great and the background music by Yuvan was extraordinary. However, the quality of songs that we associate with Lingusamy was not to be seen here. It lacked the fizz and was pretty much influenced by songs in Lingusamy’s previous movies. The first song ‘Dham Dham’, for instance, is influenced heavily by ‘Theradi Veediyil’ song from the movie Run. Even a part of the lyrics resemble the same.

Overall, Vettai misses the usual touch of Lingusamy that we saw in Sandakozhi and Run. The tension that existed in those movies does not exist in Vettai. Overall, this should be a grand affair in the box office for its ingredients of comedy and glamour.

Review 3

Lingusamy who has rocked the audience with his racy way of storytelling has once again won the race through Vettai starring Madhavan, Arya, Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul in the lead roles. His last release is Paiyaa with Karthi and Tamanna in the lead roles. The film went on to become a big hit, that recently the Hindi remake rights are bought by a leading producer.


The film is about two brothers Thirumurthi(Madhavan) and Gurumurthi(Arya) who share a great bond right from childhood with a police family background in Thoothukudi. While Thiru is a innocent boy who grows up in the same way whereas Guru is the exact opposite, He is bold and ready to clash with anyone that comes in his brother's way. They grow up in the same manner till the later days too.

On the other side it is Vasanthi(Sameera Reddy) and Jayanthi(Amala Paul) who are born as sisters who remains naughty at all times. At one point these two brothers and sisters clash each other at funny circumstances and love blossoms between them.

There enters the Villian Ashutosh Rana and his gang who threatens the people of thoothukudi in every manner. At this point Thiru was given the responsibility to become the next Police officer on the lines of his father and grandfather. When the whole police department which includes Naseer and Thambi Ramaiah in special roles who are expecting Thiru to be a strict and bold person, they soon find out that he is fearful and calm natured.

Thirumurthi ties knot with Vasanthi at one point but troubles follow them so, Arya comes with a plan to switch sides without anyone's notice. Soon the Villian group finds out this and smashes Guru at one stage. Now it is upto Thiru whether to become strong or stay weak which forms the rest of the climax.


Lingusamy has yet once again proved that he is a director who can give a high action oriented film with full of Commercial values like his earlier ventures, especially adding a Mass scene of Ajith's Mankatha at the right place. Madhavan as the innocent brother and police officer steals the show with his screen presence with Sameera Reddy, whereas Arya as the angry young man gives an high action entertainment to the audience. Amala Paul with her cute looks and romance turns up your body heat.

Also Naseer and Thambi Ramaiah has did their roles with perfection. Ashutosh Rana and Muthukumar the one who was seen as the elder brother of Nani in Veppam remains as the same gangsters of action films. Raja Sundaram appears in a cameo role and does his part well.


Nirav Shah has scored big time with his Cinematography with rich visuals remains as the backbone of the film's narration. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja has been a highlight with rocking Bgms all over. While Editing by Antony gives a racy and crisp feel to the viewers.

Even though the film carries 5 songs, the film maintains the tempo till the end.


Madhavan's comeback will be Vettai for sure. The charming actor who was missing in Tamil cinema's for a long period of time is back with a bang.  Arya as the brother of Madhavan suits the character without any flaws and shares equal importance. Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul fill glamour to this high end action film.


Madhavan, Arya's brotherhood
Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul's hotness
Naseer and co's funny moments
Yuvan's Bgm
Crisp Editing
Nirav Shah's Brilliant Cinematography


To much of action
Simple storyline
Happy Pongal to everyone!

Vettai Movie Review, Rating Vettai Online Movie Review
Reviewed by The Cinema News on Jan 14 2012.
Vettai Movie Online Review, Rating
Vettai is a complete Lingusamy entertainer.
Rating: 3


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