Vijay fans angry with me? asks Srikanth

Jeeva and Srikanth shared the screen with Vijay in the film Nanban directed by Shankar. In the climax sequence, there is a scene where Jeeva and Srikanth will be hitting Vijay. There was news that Vijay fans were angry with two of these actors.

When asked Srikanth about this, he said, "Jeeva and me had to hit Vijay because the story demanded it. Initially I was reluctant to hit Vijay. I raised a doubt that whether Vijay fans will accept this. Vijay said that this scene will have a good response and convinced us. After the release of this film, there were no protests from Vijay fans. No one was angry with us. But on the other side many people phoned and appreciated us.

During the shooting of this film, three of us were very jolly full. Vijay was like a hunter while Jeeva was a prankster. There is Vadivelu and Santhanam within Jeeva. He will be cracking jokes always. It was very difficult to act in the scene wherein I have to remove my pants in the presence of 200 people. Though this film had three heroes, all of us had equivalent roles. All the scenes gave us the opportunity to bring out our acting talents. It is important to have a good director to bring out the acting talents. Nanban got director Shankar. Shankar is a good actor. He has sculpted each character in a wonderful way. I acted what he taught me."


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