Ameer puts demand on Directors and Assistants salary

Director Ameer has placed a paper of new salary demand for Directors and Assistants working in the Tamil industry.

The following is the demand of salary put forward by Ameer…

1. For Directors
Minimum salary per film – Rs. 10 Lakhs
Daily wages – Rs. 1000/-
Outstation daily wage – Rs. 1200/-

2. For Associate Directors
Minimum salary per film – Rs. 5 Lakhs
Daily wages – Rs. 500/-
Outstation daily wage – Rs. 750/-

3. For Assistant Directors
Minimum salary per film – Rs. 3 Lakhs
Daily wages – Rs. 300/-
Outstation daily wage – Rs. 500/-

The above demand has shocked the producers in the industries raising questions that how could a new and small budget producer manage with this demand of salary. "Then if the film fails at box-office would the Directors and assistants return the money?" asks one new producer who is struggling to manage with the shooting budget of his film that is currently been stalled because of the ongoing war between FEFSI and the Producers' Council.


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