Dhanush and Prabhu Deva on Religious invocations

Whenever there comes a crisis or a triumph, human beings find it mandatory to rely on the heavenly source. This providential source is perennial for them and they depend on it for the successful run of their life.

For many people, a particular God or Goddess may be their favorite and they solely worship them. Out of the many deities found in India, Tirumala Balaji is the one who is scored by majority people. Whatever their demands be, Balaji seems to bless them with grace. Hence they go on keeping their life style surrounded by this source. During the roaring release of Mankatha, its director Venkat Prabhu had his offerings at this shrine with tonsure.

When super star Rajinikanth was severely ill, his family offered to have prayers at Thirumala hills and Rajini's wife Latha Rajinikanth had her tonsure on her head. Other members of her family had their floor rolling which by all means their total surrender to the strong source. After the intense success of the song Kolaveri, actor-singer Dhanush recently visited the temple and offered tonsure. He said he felt overwhelmed at the success of Kolaveri song for which he offered tonsure.

In another interesting development, the wounded heart Prabhu Deva offered special prayers at Kalahasti temple in Andhra Pradesh. He is currently at the fag end of his project Rowdy Rathore in Hindi. However, his personal life with actress Nayanthara has beleaguered to his loss of peace. So he needed some remedy from this phase of resuscitation.


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