Dhanush on demand for hair oil

A few days back, Dhanush had roped in Navratna hair oil to do in-film placement in the song 'Kolaveri Di' for his Aishwarya Dhanush directed 3.

Now, news has just come in that he has signed to endorse Parachute hair oil! Emami which produces Navratna hair oil and Marico the producers of Parachute hair oil are bitter rivals fighting for the Rs 3000 Crore all India hair oil market.

Both the companies say that it is just coincidence and the actor's deal with the rival brand will not clash with their interest. In the case of Navratna it is just an in-film product placement while Parachute has a long term commitment with Dhanush.

Dhanush in a way becomes the first actor in India who is indirectly promoting both the bitter rivals at the same time.

The brands want to increase their market share, one is piggyback riding on the Kolaveri Di song while the other stands to gain more as it has a long-term commitment with the actor himself.


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