Dhanush & Simbu fights via Twitter!

The old rivalry between Dhanush and STR has surfaced again, this time on Twitter. Bollywood actors indulging in twitter battles have been happening at regular intervals.
Recently Farah Khan’s husband and filmmaker Sirish Kundar had made sarcastic digs at Shah Rukh Khan through his Twitter account, which led to a showdown between them at a Mumbai hotel.

Early today morning Dhanush`s video `Sachin Anthem` for Sachin Tendulkar made by the energy drink Boost which was premiered on Youtube yesterday (Feb 9) was removed for copyright infringement.

Dhanush had tweeted at that time : “Some people smile at other people’s misery. I smile right back at them for not knowing the purpose of being a human being. It's called love. God bless.” 

A few hours later the video was back on Youtube after Dhanush took legal steps to restore it.

Meanwhile Simbu aka STR who was in US, still busy with his ‘Love Anthem’ , tweeted : “Copy Adikaradhula Chinaava Vida Bayangarama Irrukangaley !!!” 

Later Dhanush tweeted : “I did the song for free brother. Boost paid for the production of the audio and video, and thanks for all your prayers. God bless.”

Suddenly STR went philosiphical by tweeting – ” Actually none of us in this world have an enemy ! Success introduces you to the world, but defeat introduces the world to you !!!”


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