Dhanush's boost song for Sachin [Making Video]

Dhanush has done a music video for Boost,the health food drink saluting Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has been Boost's brand ambassador for 25 years.

The song will go live in a couple of days, most probably on you tube first. The idea seems to be to make it viral like 'Kolaveri Di'.

The sachin album goes like -"One plus one two-u two-u, if not sachin who-u who-u!!!"
Dhanush and his 3 music director Anirudh along with Anushka Shetty feature in it! Said Dhanush : "I have treated the Sachin tribute as a mass hero introduction anthem. It’s got some unique words in it. The shoot took place in Ramoji Rao Studio in Hyderabad."


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