FEFSI – Producer's Council Row to End

After the last meeting held between FEFSI and Producers' Council along with the Government's Labour Department it looks that the row between the warring organizations is heading to a settlement finally.

In the meeting both sides agreed on certain conditions with each other and accepted the proposal put by the Labour Department. "Still, some issues are there to be sorted out between them we hope in the coming days we will bring an end to this ongoing stand-off between these two organizations," says the Labour official who participated in the meeting.

After the escalation of salary row both the organizations were adamant to agree with others' demands and when it reached a critical state pushing the industry to a standstill both the factions approached the Government to intervene and settle the issue and on their request the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu appointed Labour officials and asked the department to mediate for an early settlement to the issue. Since then the Labour department has been holding meetings with the organizations to bring an end to the stand-off.

Due to rise in prices the FEFSI is asking for a rise in their salary and Producers Council cite failure of films and the rise of production cost the reason that they could not agree with FEFSI in the salary issue


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