Film shooting spoils ecology

This is not the first time that there are reports of the environment being exploited because of a film shoot.
As Prabhu Solomon's Kumki is being filmed, the buzz is that nearly two acres have been acquired to depict how elephants destroy the land.
In the past, several movies including Murugadoss's 7 Aum Arivu and Prabhu Deva's Vedi have made news for similar reasons.

Actors feel that irrespective of one's profession, every individual has a certain responsibility towards the environment.

Says Khushboo, "Every citizen has a responsibility towards nature, and not just people from the film industry. Awareness towards protecting nature is the need of the hour. As far as my unit goes, we have rules like no smoking and no littering, irrespective of where we are shooting."

Khushboo, who is also a producer, adds, "As producer, I make sure that all the necessary permission is sought. With regard to Kumki, I am sure that the filmmakers have the required permissions from the forest officials."

Film folk also feel that there should be awareness about preserving the sanctity of nature. Ganesh Venkatraman says, "While it's great that the film industry is exploring various exotic locations around the world, it is also our responsibility to respect nature and preserve it. Any sort of violation shouldn't be encouraged, no matter who it may be."

Environmental activists and advocates, who are aware of the system, say that for the film fraternity it becomes an additional responsibility since their actions are followed closely and people idolise them.
Jayasimha, environmentalist and environment advocate, says, "While it's understood that the procedures, permission and rules of the Forest Act ought to be kept in mind while shooting, what matters is the attitude of individuals — be it a film director or a college student.

Also, with regard to films, every action portrayed in movies is taken seriously — for example, if a rich man displays the head of a tiger as a decorative object in his house, then some people think being rich implies that one should own such an 'ornament'. The industry must be extremely sensitive, especially towards the environment."


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