Hansika Motwani has been Mobbed by Fans!

Actress Hansika has again been mobbed by her fans. This time it is in Coimbatore that the star was mobbed by a crazy crowd, which tried to get close to her.

    After attending an event the actress was coming out of the venue and when she was walking towards her car a huge crowd surrounded her and tried to get very close to the actress and in the stampede the actress was put to pressure to run towards her car with organizers and security people guarding around her.

    It is learnt that the actress suffered some pushes and bruises on her shoulders and arms in the stampede and was put to mental pressure.

   "Yeah, it was a close escape from the crowd, but as reported in the media, nothing happened to me. The crowd was big and they were trying to get a glimpse of me and I understood it. No worries. But, I had to rush from the spot otherwise some untoward incident would have happened," says the actress.
Hansika is currently releasing 'Oru Kal Oru Kannadi' and doing 'Vettai Mannan' with Simbhu. She has also signed director Hari's film to play opposite Suriya in 'Singam 2'.


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