Kadhalil Sodhapuvadu Yeppadi Online Movie Review, Rating (3/5)

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Review
Cast : Siddharth, Amala Paul, Arjun, Vignesh, Suresh, Ravi Raghavendra, Sriranjani.
Cinematography :Nirav Shah
Music : Thaman
Production :Sashikanth Shivaji, Siddharth, Nirav Shah
Direction :Balaji Mohan
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Kaadhalil Sodappuvadhu Eppadi, the short film that won the name and fame for director Balaji Mohan gets made into a full length feature film produced by Sashikanth of Y not, co-produced by cinematographer Nirav Shah and Siddharth.

Men are from Mars, women from Venus is the epicenter around which director Balaji Mohan spins his light hearted take on the ‘love’ goof ups of the youth in particular. Incidents of everyday life are strung together and there is something that every urban viewer can relate to the events on screen irrespective of age.

The story isn’t out of the ordinary but Balaji knows his onions well enough to keep the levity going on in full swing. Vim and vigor mark the proceedings of KSE and ingenuity of Balaji Mohan should be lauded who downs the hall in laughter with his wit-a-minute dialogues. The script scores well with its fresh treatment towards love (and goof ups) and there are no maudlin moments anywhere in the film.

There is a scene in KSE when Siddharth and Amala are at a restaurant wherein Siddharth appears to be thinking basically nothing. When Amala probes him, he replies in negative with ‘randakka randakka’ tune going on in his mind. Amala looks at people around her and thinks of numerous things and construes a different meaning to his ‘non-thinking’ which eventually leads to a goof-up. There could not be a better instance of showcasing the diametrically opposite nature of the two genders. When a man says he is not thinking of anything, he means it whereas for a woman there are more than 25 frames running in her mind simultaneously.

Director Balaji Mohan makes his presence felt in many scenes. The important role that technology plays in today’s lives in matters of heart is cleverly brought out by the facebook status sequence and the contact list in the cell phone. Siddharth’s parent’s normal reaction on seeing his facebook picture brings out the nature of contemporary urban parents. The conceptualization of Siddharth’s friend’s inability to score with the opposite sex right from his childhood is interesting.

Siddharth fits in perfectly as the clue less young lover who is adept in goof ups. His innocent and helpless expressions portray his character perfectly. Amala Paul’s youthful looks add value to her character and she has delivered a neat performance. Deepa Venkat’s voice works big time to bring out Parvathi in apt form. It is to the credit of the director and his script that we only see Arun and Parvathi and not the artists. In the supporting cast Suresh, Sri Ranjini, and Ravi Raghavendra deliver a credible performance while Siddharth’s friends are the major strong points of the film. Their very appearance brings the roof down and their mishaps with the girls are enjoyable to say the least.

Nirav Shah’s camera travels within the ambit of the script and never distracts the viewers from the narrative flow. Thaman’s music works in line with the plot with Parvathi and Azhaippaya number scoring well accentuated by Karky’s modern lyrics. The costumes and accessories of artists need a special mention as it reflects the dressing style of current generation and does not go overboard anywhere.

Balaji manages to hook the audience onto the happenings of the screen fairly well. Although levity is the buzz word in KSE and there is a love sodappal every minute, there are a few doddering moments where you feel the lag. Siddharth speaking to the audience every now and then comes across sometimes as unexciting nevertheless it is enjoyable for most parts.

Kaadhalil Sodappuvadhu Eppadi is sure to be a hit among urban youth. And for the remaining populace, there is something that they would connect with the film because gender related issues of heart transcend all kinds of barriers always. A promising debut, Balaji Mohan! Way to go!

Verdict: Go for this lighthearted hilarious product !

Review 2

Siddharth and Amala Paul starrer Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi is a film, which is not for regular audience but that is targeted at urban youth. The film with its liberal use of typical youth slang will work well in multiplexes. The youth, who form the backbone of all Siddharth’s films, will naturally connect with the film and also patronize the film to a large extent. Read on for Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi review.

Story:Arun (Siddharth) is a happy-go-lucky guy. He and Parvati (Amala Paul) are studying in the same college. In no time, they fall for each other. However, some differences crop up between them and they part ways. Parvati decides to go to the US and pursue higher studies. Arjun too spend most of his time with close friends in order to forget his love failure. There is another love story in the film. It is between Parvati’s parents – Aravind (Suresh) and Saru (Surekha Vani). What is their love story? How this brings about a change in the attitude of Siddharth an Parvati? This is the suspense element that should be seen on silver screen.

The role in Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi is tailor made for Siddharth. He has essayed the kind of roles several times before. So, it is literally a cake walk for him. Siddharth has done full justice to his role. Amala Paul is hot and sensuous. She fits the bill perfectly. Amala Paul looks good with Siddharth and they both share a good on screen chemistry.

Siddharth and Amala Paul's chemistry.

Too many sub-plots
Too much drama and melodrama
Very urbane storyline
Predictable climax

Siddharth’s Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi is yet another typical youth love story. The film has nothing new or novel to offer. The film has some good screenplay and a lot of style. Still, the style alone can never be a substitute for substance and hence the film ends up as an average film.

Review 3

The story takes off with Arun (Siddharth), who is an engineering student describes about his failure relationship with his girlfriend Parvathi (Amala Paul). He narrates how he has seen Paravathi, fell for her and the following consequences like ego clashes that led them to go for break up. Arun later sees similar incidents in his close pal’s life and in this regard he realizes his true love for Parvathi and the way he is missing her. How does Arun realize what does he do to get back his love is all about Kadhalil Sodhapuvadu Yeppadi.

Siddharth looked young and energetic and he has sleepwalked through the urbane lover boy role in the movie. He is admiring and maintained the seriousness and confused attitude throughout.

Amala Paul looked perfect as Parvathi. She looked cute and has delivered her best when it comes to the performance. Her chemistry with Siddharth has worked well.
Suresh and Surekha Vani are apt for the roles while the rest of the cast did their bit as required.

Technical Analysis
Cinematography by Nirav Shah is an asset for the film. The songs have been neatly pictured and Thaman’s melodious tunes are good and hummable. The background score is elevating. Dialogues are apt and at times hilarious. Balaji Mohan direction is good. Kadhalil sodhapuvadu yeppadi story is unique but the screenplay could have been better in the second half.

Director Balaji Mohan has come up with a unique and fresh storyline that youngsters get connected. The director has looked into the way the present youth are thinking about love and how they are ending up relationships with the silly issues and ego clashes. Balaji Mohan has stuck to the script and did not add any illogical content to embellish it as commercial entertainer.

The presentation is appealing, script is novel but the screenplay and narration could have been better in the second half as it seem to be dragging. The protagonist speaking directly to the camera is a novel idea to Telugu cinema and Siddharth does it effectively. The first half of the film goes on a lighter mode with romance and comedy as engaging moments while the second half moves on a slow pace with a couple of twists and sentiments.

Final Verdict
Kadhalil Sodhapuvadu Yeppadi is urbane romantic entertainer that connects well with the youth!!!

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Movie Review, Rating Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Online Movie Review
Reviewed by The Cinema News on Feb 17 2012.
Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Movie Online Review, Rating
Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi is urbane romantic entertainer that connects well with the youth!!!
Rating: 3


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