Mahesh Babu to spend 1 crore for Six Pack without loosing charmness

Sources close to the star, the script inspired Mahesh Babu very much that he has agreed to come out of his comfort zone.
A particular scene in the Sugumar film requires the protogonist to sport a six-pack body. Mahesh plays the role of a lecturer in the movie, while Tamanna plays his love interest.

Though Mahesh tried to get the sick pack abs earlier with the help of local trainer, he called off his plans after noticing the changes on his face. But this time, he has hired a hollywood trainer Greg Joujon Roche for a whoofing Rs 1 crore. Greg Roche would be working with Mahesh for a period of four months to get the perfect look. Notably, the trainer has assured the Superstar that there will be no loss in the facial charm of the actor. That’s the story of ’1 crore – 4 months’ deal!


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