Nithya Menen gets support from AMMA

She is a bold girl for sure, who never dares to come out with her opinions regardless of what the repercussions are.

But even she was surprised when her name was unnecessarily dragged into a controversy, when she reportedly refused to talk to a few producers who had gone to a set to meet her. Yes, we are talking about Nithya Menen and recently, the distributors' association announced that they won't allow her forthcoming films, Bachelor Party and Ustad Hotel, to get released.

This evoked huge protests from almost everyone. The actors' association AMMA supported Nithya and the exhibitors' federation, who incidentally is in a tussle with the distributors, also announced their allegiance for the heroine. The ban soon has become some kind of a joke by now.

The rumours doing the rounds include one where producer Suresh Kumar is alleged to have masterminded the whole issue as Nithya refused to do his new project Chattakkaari.

Anyway, Tatsamayam oru penkutti, with Nithya in the lead is all set to hit the screens this weekend.


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