Reasons for Poda Podi’s long delay

STR's most anticipated movie Poda Podi which is in pipeline for more than two years now. Here we have the reason for the calculated delay, Poda Podi is a movie about three different phases of a boy and a girl who lives in London.
Since, debutant director Vignesh Shivan wanted lively shots, they crew managed to shoot two different seasons of London city. Not to forget the fact that this will be the first movie that will unveil some exotic locations in London.

It is worth mentioning here that this flick will also a feature a new baby born and it has grown along with the movie .Poda Podi is touted to be STR's highest budgeted movie so far in his carrier.Apart from STR and Varalaxmi the movie also feature starry technicians including Hollywood cinematographer Duncan Telford who managed to capture the moviein international standards along with dedicated tones . Gemini Film Circuits are sure that Poda Podi will be the highest grosser of box office once it hits the screens.This clearly defines that STR fans are in for a romantic ride this season with Poda Podi.


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