Shankar gets warning from a Politician for Nanban dialogues!

Director Shankar has been warned by Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi (IJK) founder and Chief Parivendar Pachchamuthu for insulting and using abusive languages against his community in the directors' films.

In the recently released film 'Nanban' a dirty dialogue comes using the name of the community of the politician and this has irked Pachchamuthu and he attacks Shankar now. "Shankar has been criticizing and abusing my name and my community in all his films. First, it was in his 'Sivaji' that he insulted King Pari Vallal by including a dialogue insulting King Pari's daughters Angavai and Sangavai. Now, he has used these dirty languages in 'Nanban' using my name. If he does it again he will see who I am," stated Pachchamuthu furiously.

Director Shankar while reacting to Pachchamuthu's accusations said, "The dialogues were written by Madhan Karky and about 'Sivaji' dialogues it just happened. I never intended to attack anyone through my films. Why should I do that, what I'm going to gain from that? He should understand that."


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