Shruti Haasan slams Tamil Weekly

In a letter to the editor of a popular Tamil weekly Kamal Hassan's daughter Shruti Haasan has put strong words to condemn and rubbish the report on her alleged affair with Dhanush, her hero in film '3'!

The multifaceted star has accused the magazine's report as simple act made with an intention to downgrade her reputation while she was rising as a star with the sheer help of her professionalism and hardwork. She has also stated that the report has put her in a disturbed state of mental condition.

The magazine has published her letter and has also carried a writing to reply Shruti's. The Chief Editor has stated that the report was published based on some reports they had got. The magazine has tendered its apology to the singer-actress for making her mentally disturbed.

Few weeks ago the magazine carried an exclusive article about the alleged affair between Dhanush and Shruti Haasan, the lead pair of the film '3' that is directed by Dhanush's wife Aishwarya Dhanush, on and off sets. It had stated that the pair was dating and involved in a love relationship that has put the Rajini family offensive.

It has been largely reported in many media links that both these actors are involved in a 'more-than-friendly' relationship. It is their dedication and love for their profession that made them come close to each other, reports say!

This is the first time that one of them has come out openly in denying the reports. Dhanush has always kept mum.


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