Suriya to perform entirely different in Maatran

It is common knowledge that Suriya is a versatile actor who will go to any extent to ensure the authenticity of his role.

Surya will terrify the audience with his negative shades in Maatran. The grapevine has it that Suriya’s role has dual shades. There is the macho hero — a do-gooder.

Maatran by cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K.V. Anand is no different. According to a close unit source, the actor is going to spring a surprise.

This will be the first attempt of something dark in Surya's carrier, also the actor is said to perform something which even Hollywood heroes never touched and would dare to perform adds sources.

Kajal Agarwal will be romancing the ‘Mr. Nice’ Suriya, the insider adds. Special techniques and graphics have been used for the unusual role and the actor is working overtime and going that extra mile to get his act perfect.

The source also claims that Suriya will shock the audience in the climax of the film.


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