Tamannaah to enter Bollywood?

It has been tiring days and sleepless nights for this actress, who is been acting continuously for her 3 big Telugu productions.

And, at this hour of getting more and more offers from Telugu and Tamil, what Tamannaah would do if a coveted project from Bollywood knocks her door?

"I'm not rushing to sign any film just for the sake of doing a big project, whether it is Kollywood or Bollywood all it matters for me is the script and my character. I want to establish myself as a performer and good professional. I don't mind losing big projects if it does not have anything that interests me," says the actress.

A big project, 'Himmatwala', a film that stars Ajay Devgn, is the latest one that is coming her way now. And, there is wonderful Tamil project also knocking her door. But, the actress is wise enough to choose between these two. As her father says, "Tamannaah's first preference now is doing a Tamil film. She is not going to accept a Bollywood film just for the sake of doing a reentry into Hindi cinema."
The last Tamil film she did was 'Venghai' with Dhanush and after this she disappeared from Kollywood only to shift her base to Hyderabad signing three films – 'Rachaa', 'Edhukante Premanta' and 'Rebel'!

Till mid-2012 she will be busy doing the above projects and, "next would be definitely a Tamil film", from the horse's mouth!


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