Action King turns mild father

Right from his debut, Arjun defined his identity as an action weird in fact he has depicted characters portraying his patriotism to the nation.
This is due to the aspect that it befitted and benefitted him further his career smoothly. The same action king is now transformed into a mild father in a trilingual movie – Prasad.

Close on the heels of Prakash Raj paving way for a father sentiment in Dhoni, Arjun is meaning a lot through this film, it is learnt. According to the sources close to the action hero, Prasad is a script having the aspirations of a father to have a son. He dreams of growing the son into a good person in the life but fate writes its own story. Arjun as a bread winner of his family through mechanic job does the role with more penchant in this film. For the film, as per the script, the son role is to be a deaf and dumb.

For this a small boy, Kalpak, does the role in a natural flair as he is a deaf and dumb by birth itself. Arjun is more fascinated at the coming of the film and said he was really moved to be a part of this film. He added that Prasad is coming to the screens of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. The highlight of the movie, again a repeat of Dhoni, is the elegant music from Ilayaraja.


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