Ajith's Thala Biriyani on Billa 2 set

Thala continues to rock with his biryani on the sets of Billa 2 as well. The Mankatha crew was all praise for the biryani specially prepared by Ajith.

Now, the Billa 2 unit just cannot stop talking about the special Thala Biryani. Apparently, during the Goa schedule, instead of the production food, Ajith's biryani was served to more than 150 members on the set. About his cooking style, sources from the unit say, "Ajith personally cooked biryani for the150 plus people on the set.

It had chicken and mutton — he uses both in his biryani. Biryani tastes good only when it is allowed to cook slowly.

Thala's secret ingredient is that he lets the biryani take its own time to cook and get ready — he doesn't take any short cuts. In between his shots, he would go and check the biryani.

It was so sweet of the ultimate star to cook for hundreds of people on the sets." When asked about the taste of the biryani pat came the reply, "It was fantastic. It was something special. We crave for more of it."


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