Alphonsa Bail Application Dismissed in Boyfriend Suicide Case

Item girl Alphonsa's bail plea was rejected and dismissed by a Chennai City Court in the case of her boyfriend suicide case.

The City Pricipal and Sessions Judge dismissed the application filed by actress Alphonsa for an anticipatory bail that she had filed in the court to prevent her arrest in P Vinod Kumar case.

Vinod Kumar committed suicide mysteriously in the flat he was living with Alphonsa with whom he had a live-in relationship for a while. The actress was married to a Dubai businessman and was separated from him after the marriage failed. Vinod Kumar had been trying hard in coming up in films and he also produced and acted in few but in vain.

It is said that Vinod Kumar had a fight with Alphonsa the previous night on the issue of marrying her but went dejected when the actress rejected the proposal and committed suicide. But, Alphonsa claims his failure in films has caused him to take the extreme step.

Father of Vinod Kumar has lodged a complaint in the police station that his son was murdered by the actress and she was to be arrested along with her brother Robert.

Fearing arrest the actress had filed for anticipatory bail and the same was dismissed in the court citing the reason that the police enquiry was pending.


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