Alphonso’s Boyfriend Murdered? The Mystery Behind the Item Girl

Item girl Alphonso occupied the big spaces of media yesterday with her boyfriend's death and the actress' suicide attempt.

Hours after her boyfriend was found dead, committing suicide, Alphonso was also rushed to hospital following her futile attempt to kill herself by consuming sleeping pills.

Even as the actress is still in the intensive care unit, in a popular hospital in Vadapalani, getting treatment for her critical condition the family members of her deceased boyfriend Vinodkumar has accused the actress and her brother of murdering Vinodkumar for money. Pandian, father of the deceased says, "It is a clear murder. I found bruises and blood stains on Vinod's body. She and her family planned the murder of my son. Just to escape from the clutches of law Alphonso is making a drama by consuming sleeping pills."

It is learnt that actress Alphonso, who was doing item numbers in films and stage performances abroad, became housewife after she got married to Nobel, a Dubai based businessman. They had a child, Aliya, also. Due to some differences the couple got separated and Alphonso was living alone.

And, Vinod Kumar, as a friend of the actress' brother Robert (leading dance master), came into the life of the actress. Their friendship developed into an intimate affair and both started living together in a house leading a living-in relationship life.

Vinod Kumar, hailing from a small village near Kanchipuram, always wanted to make big in film industry and with the help of Alphonso he also acted in a couple of unsuccessful films.

The relationship headed a downfall after Vinod started pestering the actress of marrying her. But, since the actress did not want to commit herself into another marriage she was always refusing and this led to frequent fights between the couple. Also, the actress had not acquired divorce from her marriage with Nobel.

The couple had a huge fight the previous night of Vinod's death and after the fight, as per Alphonso's version, Vinod went into a separate room to sleep and it was Alphonso, who was sleeping in another room, who later went inside the room of Vinod only to find him hanging. She informed the police, the family and friends and the neighbours about the death.

Sources say that Vinod's father Pandian slapped Alphonso after seeing the dead body of his son, at the downstairs of the Virugambakkam flat, and accused her of murdering his son but the police personnel present there prevented any untoward incident by taking away from the spot.

Alphonso's mother Omana says, "I live in Valasarawalkam with my husband. We knew Alphonso's relationship with Vinod. They were planning to get married. But, Alphonso wanted to get divorce first and then marry Vinod. But, it is unfortunate he took this extreme step."

The family of Vinod suspects Alphonso and his brother of murdering Vinod for money as Vinod is from a wealthy background. The movies he made were all produced by him investing his own money.

Police has registered a case and investigating the death and the suicide attempt by the actress. It is expected some shocking revelations would come out in the investigation as the police also suspect the death of Vinod to be more than just a suicide!


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