Anushka replaces Trisha

The wheel of fortune will bring down those on top and take those down to the top. No one is spared in this natural process and the fortune of film actress too lies on this process.
Trisha has been on top for a while until too many heroines occupied the screens.

The once darling of many heroes of Kollywood, Trisha got asylum in Tollywood though now and then she appeared in Kollywood. however her reputation started at stake when Anushka rose to the top in Tollywood. Until Arunthathi, Anushka was in dark light and no one recognized her merits. But her growth rate increased with movies from all the major languages – Tamil, Telugu and Kannada – gave her much feeding.

Now Anushka unearthed the status of Trisha as an ambassador for a commercial product. Trisha was in the contract with the company for a period of three years and was expecting to renew the same. But the company thought the other way and booked Anushka for the product. Now the crown laid on Trisha will go to Anushka for a period of three years. Already Trisha is facing tough competitions in both Kollywood and Tollywood. This has added fuel to fire of her career growth.


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