Arya – Amala Paul’s Fall-out?

The Kollywood grapevine says that the 'Vettai' pair Arya and Amala Paul are in an uncomfortable relationship and both are not in talking terms now.

    When probed it was learnt that the actor, in an interview when asked about the kissing scene in the film 'Vettai', had said that he was not comfortable doing it and it was the actress who comforted and initiated the lip-lock, and this has irked the actress and created an animosity towards the actor.

    Sources say, the actress had called the actor over phone and conveyed her unhappiness over his interview and expressed her anger towards him, in spite of the actor explaining that it was just a funny statement that he made in the interview about the lip-lock.

    This is the reason that the actress did not attend the house warming ceremony of Arya that he held in Chennai recently.
 Amala Paul, hearing the reports about the issue of fall-out between her and Arya denied any such friction between them and claimed they still maintained a good friendship!


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