Dad is my biggest plus!

Grapevine has it that Shathanoo Bagyaraj has not been getting too many offers due to interference from his experienced dad — popular actor-director Bagyaraj.

A film script that he sat on for eight long months with inputs being given by his dad, sources inform us finally went to the young and dashing Mahat Raghavendra of Mankaatha fame. Shantanoo explains, "Directors who approach me to discuss scripts would like to discuss it with my dad as well.

He has delivered mega hits and even Big B still talks about his screenplay — he is undoubtedly the king among screenplay writers.

He has interesting suggestions whenever a story is narrated to him and tries to help directors to come up with better scripts. This is definitely not interference — he is actually concerned about having a good story.

I always consult my dad about the story before taking a call." Ask him whether his dad would be able to decide on stories keeping the current trends in mind and he says, "The recent release Mujse Shaadi Karoge is a remake of one of my father's films.

His screenplay would suit any trend." Are there any minuses to discussing scripts with his dad? Shantanoo feels that it works both ways. "My Dad being by my side is my biggest plus point. It is a minus point as well because people hesitate to discuss their scripts with a person who knows everything about it," he says.

Actors should be allowed to choose scripts by themselves, says popular film analyst Anandan. "If there is consistent interference from dad or anybody in the family, it would be a hindrance to an actor's career.

He should be able to decide on his films. If an actor discusses the script with too many people around him, he could miss out on some of the best scripts."

There are actors who go with their gut feel, instead of seeking help from their dads — despite them being experienced actors. Arun Vijay, son of popular actor Vijaykumar, says, "My dad does not interfere in my choice of films.

He has never forced me to take up any script. I make my own decisions. I can pick up scripts that suit current trends." Sibiraj echoes this. "My dad always gives his feedback after the release of a film. But he has never infused his opinion on how I should go about choosing a script. He lets me take my own calls," says Sibiraj


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