Kamal Stuns Hollywood’s Top Technician!

'Ulaga Nayagan' Kamal Hassan recently surprised and stunned a top Hollywood technician with his talent and dedication in making films.

Lee Whittaker, top Hollywood Stunt Choreographer, who has worked in the hit movie 'Pearl Harbour' and with many Hollywood top heroes Arnold Swarzenegger, Bruce Willis and George Clooney, is now working in Kamal Hassan's magnum opus 'Vishwaroopam'. Lee was surprised to see Kamal's high talent and dedication in movie making and stunned to witness Kamal doing most of the risky stunts himself in the film.
 Initiall, when he was approached to work in the film as stunt director Lee refused but after seeing Kamal's earlier films and his involvement in fight sequences he accepted the offer and started working in 'Vishwaroopam'.
 Lee Whittaker recently directed a dangerous action sequence involving Kamal and villain Rahul Bose where Kamal did all the stunts without a dupe. Not only Lee, the whole unit went awe at Kamal's action at the shoot!
The film is being produced as the most expensive Kamal film ever made. The film has Kamal, acting, directing and producing the film and Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah and Sekhar Kapur.


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