Khushboo out of UN Youth International Conference

Khushboo who was supposed to attend the International Conference on Youth by United Nations has pulled out.

In a quick turn of events it is learnt that the actress turned politician who had prepared a presentation on Empowerment of Woman and Better Future for the GenY will instead stay home.

She was set to head to the organisation’s headquarters in Nairobi, but Unfortunately, Khushboo says she could not attend the conference due to pressing family circumstances which warrants her to be present in the city around the same time.

The star speaker of DMK who has just hurriedly returned to the city after a hectic campaign at Sankarankoil for by-elections said, "I rushed back to Chennai since my mother-in-law is unwell.

She is undergoing a heart surgery around March 15 and her Angiogram was done on Saturday. My family comes first and then my other commitments. Hence, nothing is more important than being beside my mom-in-law during the crucial situation. It is really unfortunate that I wouldn't be making it to the UN conference."

Considering the prestigious UN invite and the reputation of the platform, she says, "I have already mailed a letter to the UN about my inability to attend the esteemed meet and I have explained my situation.

If not this time, I may get these kinds of opportunities in the future. But, I have only one mom-in-law and giving her the moral support is the need of the hour." And if you look at her career graph post her marriage to Sundar C., one would notice that the once top south siren would have hardly done a dozen films in the last 12 years. She always maintains that her priorities are family and children and then comes work.


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