Mohan Roop back with 'Thuthuvan '

One of Mohan Roop's movies is titled Varshangal Poyathariyathe (Unaware of the years gone by). Not much was known or heard about the director but he is now back in the industry with a Tamil film.

"I have been waiting for a good script. It happened in Tamil, so I have decided to direct the Tamil film Thuthuvan (messenger).

The cast includes Aditya, Gowri and Archana. I don't believe in stardom. I had directed a film named Vettah with Mohan Lal and Mammootty way back in 1984 but they were not super stars then," he says.
What attracted Mohan Roop to Tamil is the fact that it is the subject that matters these days in Tamil not star value.

To be released in March, he wants to tell the story of those living in the streets. "There has not been a full-length film in Tamil which narrated the story of street people," he claims.


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