More offers at Nayanthara's door steps

When fortune favors the brave, now it can favor the deserted too. For Nayanthara, there could be a separate fold for her in the Kollywood industry.
When she was at her foot in the tinsel world she enjoyed a pride of place in the hearts of fans. She had been a darling to many heroes and the first choice for many a directors.

Fate played a crucial stage when she had the life lure with Prabhu Deva which made her bid adieu to the field. However things became different now with the break in their relationship. Nayan is now back with her kits and ever since her comeback more offers have been coming to her door steps. Producers and directors are thronging her for the booking in their films.

However this time Nayan is more alert and careful to be choosy about the theme and character of her in the movie. This made her to issue a statement that she has no play in Billa 2 as claimed in certain section of the media. Her current commitment to films lists only to a Telugu movie. More projects may come in near future, says her close aides.


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