Shahrukh opted Murugadoss over Gautham Menon

Shahrukh opted Murugadoss over Gautham Menon
Shahrukh Khan is preparing himself to don a Kollywood remake. It is reported that, SRK is keen to do Murugadoss directorial compared to Gautham Menon's script.

As KollyInsider earlier reported viewers, Kamal has choosed Shahrukh Khan to don the lead role in the remake of his Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu directed by Gautham Menon. But the star is less interested about the script as it is based on the same dark noire cop-killer space as in Aamir Khan's Talaash.

At the same time SRK struck with another Kollywood remake with director AR. Murugadoss's diretorial Ramana. As Shahrukh is presently not interested in doing cop roles, opted Murugadoss's script that goes on common man going on the system with his ideology.


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