She is Bangalore Sneha

With the Smiling beauty Sneha to tie the knot with actor Prasanna and to reportedly quit acting. Here is Bengaluru model turned actress shilka, who has arrived to replace the Smiling Princess.

While director Madhumitha introduced her in ahumor film Kola Kolaya Kolaya Mundhrka. Silka's recent flick V inmeengal has brought her accolades from all quarters.a perfect blend of homely looks and glamour, Shilka has played the young mothe of a child born with cerebral palsy in Vinmeengal and the trauma she undergoes bringing him up.

Basically , I am a fan of Suhashini and Revathy Many people say that I look like Sneha and I feel honored! But I have just started my career and have a long way to go!"


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