Simbu’s ‘Love Anthem’ release in two months

Simbu’s music album ‘Love Anthem’ will be released in two months. He says it will be a grand event.
Simbu left for America soon after the release of his Osthe. He stayed there for two months and returned to Chennai last week.

Talking to mediapersos, he said he has decided to do the ‘Love Anthem’ album on a lavish scale. The aim is to have international release of the album and so he had been to America to attend to the project – related works. At first he wanted to release only one song. But he was counseled that he should release an album.

“I liked the suggestion.” He had held talks with a renowned Hollywood music company. He would make an announcement after signing an agreement. The album would be released in two months. Yuvan Shankar Raja would score music for three songs and he too will compose tunes for a few other songs. The album would have in all eight to nine songs.

He is now participating in the shooting of ‘Vettai Mannan’ produced by Nick Arts Chankravarthy. He said he was happy to face the camera after a break of two months. ‘Vettai Mannan’ is a mega action movie and its shooting would go on till the end of this month, he said.. ‘Poda Podi’ would be taken up next in April. The team would go to Hong Kong for shooting..

On his marriage, Simbu disclosed that he would get married next month. “I am yet to find the girl. My mom has asked me to let her know if l like someone, else she will choose a bride for me.” Right now he is not sure if he would fine that ‘someone’ special soon.”I do know one thing, she has to be very very pretty because I want cute kids.”


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