Sneha – Prasanna Wedding Date Announced!

They kept denying it in the beginning when they started. But, the day has come now that they have now announced their wedding date.
Yes, we are talking about the romantic relationship between Sneha and Prasanna that has culminated in marriage!
The well-mannered couple is getting married on 11 May this year in Chennai!
    It all started during the filming of 'Achchamundu Achchamundu' when Sneha and Prasanna got closer and became friends. The friendship slowly turned into a secret love relationship. When media sensed and quizzed the pair they always denied it. Just recently Prasanna disclosed that he and Sneha are in a love relationship and soon they are getting married. Sneha was in US that time but she did not deny it.
    After, both appeared in public together in many stages, TV shows and events. And, this news that the date of their wedding has come now!
    We wish the couple a happy married life!


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