The Story of Srikanth Film ‘Ethiri Enn 3’!

"The story of actor Srikanth film 'Ethiri Enn 3' is about bank robbery," says the director of the movie.

After the success of Vijay's 'Nanban' Srikanth is now getting ready to release his next film 'Ethiri Enn 3'. The film is about bank robbery and the Srikanth character, who is a common man, is forced to get involved in it. But, Srikanth realizes it later and how he spoils the attempts of the robberies is the crux of the story.

"Many bank robberies are now reported in the media. My film that is releasing now is also dealing the same story. See the coincidence!" adds Rajkumar, the director.

'Ethiri Enn 3' has Srikanth, Poonam Bajwa and Prabhu in the lead roles and Sixth Sense Productions is producing the film.


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