Vairamutthu in support of Vadivelu

We know that Vadivelu, who was once ruling the roost in Tamil films, was dumped by the industry post his controversial entry into politics.

The star speaker of DMK recently assured the media that he would continue acting but there have been no signs of any producer signing him on.

However, ace lyricist Vairamutthu, who is known to speak his mind, dares to be different. He has reportedly raised his voice in support of Vadivelu.

Having watched the situation for a while and comprehending the comedian's unfortunate state of affairs, Vairamuthu has urged the Tamil film industry to make use of the comedian's talents; adding that this could prove to be mutually beneficial, apart from entertaining the audience.

Speaking to, Vairamutthu said, "Vadivelu is a born actor! His body language is on par with any world-class actor. His talents should not be wasted. The film industry is losing out by shunning him out."

The six-time national award winner added, "Though the comedian is in the wrong, the punishment that the film industry has given him is very huge.

I hope that neither the CM of Tamil Nadu, nor my friend — Vijayakanth, have put a restriction on his acting.

So, producers should utilise Vadivelu and actors should cooperate with them." Sources say that Vadivelu had called up Vairamutthu and thanked him for his gesture!


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