Will Suriya Quit Unsuccessful ‘Oru Kodi’ TV show?

It is been murmured that Suriya's just started 'Oru Kodi', the popular TV game show, is a big flop as reports from various quarters say that the show did not match the expectations and doing only a 'just another show on TV'!

The big charisma and star power of Suriya even could not pull the show up to those high expectations and this failure is largely attributed to the poor framing of questions for the showl. "We never expected that the show to be such a turn off as the questions were so silly that you get irritated when it appears on screen and Suriya puts it in his voice. It was not matching to the image that Suriya possesses. He is a synonym of hard work and seeing him uttering these silly questions was so disgusting," says a fan of Suriya.

The marketing team of the show also agrees to the fact that the show is not showing good TRP. "Yes, the TRP is not up to what we expected. It's just only a week, we hope the show will pick-up," says one of the key members in the team.

Earlier, this happened with Shah Rukh Khan also, like Suriya, he was also a big star but could not transform his silver screen image to TV. But, Amitabh and Salman Khan were a big success in their shows.


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