Actress Meena becomes Vijay’s Sister

Actress Meena got married in the year 2009. After her marriage, she did not take up acting. She gave birth to a girl baby.
Meena was approached by many producers and directors for sister and sister-in-law roles but she accepted none.

Now she has decided to act in films. It is understood that Vijay has approached her to don a sister role in the film Sattam Oru Iruttarai. This film was a yester year super hit film directed by Vijay's father S A Chandrasekaran.
Vijayakanth had donned the lead role in that film. This film is being remade now. Vijay's father S A Chandrasekaran is producing this film. Many heroines were considered for the sister role and finally Meena was chosen. It seems Meena has also accepted this offer.


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