Aishwarya Rai’s Comeback Ad pays her Rs. 10 Crore!

If rumours are to be believed then Aishwarya Rai is being offered a whopping sum of Rs. 10 Crore for a jewelry ad that she is all likely to do now!

    Aishwarya Rai is just recovering from the delivery fatigue and has started moving out and appearing in public events. She is also expected to get back to business soon as the actress is holding talks with various production houses. To start with she is venturing into commercial endorsements as it won't much of her physical exertion and also time.

    The Queen of Bollywood is all likely to do the ad commercial of Kalyan Jewelers. The jewelry giant is offering, if sources are to be believed, a whopping sum of Rs. 10 Crore for her for the ad. The actress is yet to decide on doing this as she has to shed some kilos to appear fit for the visuals.


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