Aiswarya Dhanush to take up megaphone soon

Not deterred with the reviews and criticism posed on her maiden venture 3, director Aiswarya has no regret to continue her stint.
She has announced her readiness for the next project. Aiswarya said her alliance with her hubby Dhanush would see a break in the next film. She said she disliked to be idle and cannot wait any more. Having experienced a lot through the work in 3, she said her intention to kick off after a break.

Aiswarya said she has no problem in managing her domestic commitments amidst her work. She mentioned that similar to any other working women she too has the striking balance on her commitments. She acknowledged and expressed her gratitude to her mother Latha Rajnikanth for taking care of the children and proving as a loving mother to her. When asked about the moderate opinion on 3, Aiswarya revealed that she tried her best to the given situation.

Further she clarified that there is noting factual in media report over the floppy shades of 3. She and Dhanush have fully understood the result and have made their mind to resist.


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